*Below you can find an overview of all the activities, and what they have to offer for you!*


Job Fair

The job fair is the central event during the Tilburg Career days. During the job fair the participating companies will be recognizable by their stands. All participants of the TCD are welcome. A job fair is a great way to meet recruiters in an informal way and to ask more specific questions to a company's associate.


Company Presentations 

What does a company have to offer you? During a 45-minute presentation the organisation present insights of the company. Topics like internal and external culture, career opportunities within the company and expectations of its employees are areas which are touched upon during a company presentation. On this website you can find the profiles of the participating companies. This provides you with some background information about the company, to make sure you are well prepared for the presentation. All students are welcome to join a company presentation; there will be no selection procedure based on resumes.



Based on your resume, you can be selected to participate in a workshop of the company of your preference. In small groups you will get the opportunity to work on a case selected by the company. During these 90 minutes you will be mentored by professionals. Different workshops will be held during the TCD. For more information on the workshops you can look on the website or in the TCD catalogue.



Based on your resume, you can be selected to join a company's masterclass. During this 180-minute masterclass, you will be working together with other students. The goal is to solve a comprehensive case succesfully! Bring out the best of yourself: this masterclass is an excellent opportunity to show a company what your talent is. Check the Programme tab or look in the TCD catalogue to see which companies will hold a masterclass and subscribe!


Individual Conversations

A way to stand out from other students is by having personal meetings of 20, 30 or 45 minutes with a recruiter. To sign up for an individual meeting with a company you will need to send in your resume. Based on your resume you can be invited by the company for an individual meeting. When you are invited for an individual meeting you can assume that your skills and experiences match with the skills a company is looking for. The individual meeting gives you the opportunity to personally present yourself and to convince the recruiter that you are the person they are looking for. By preparing yourself for the individual meeting you will enlarge your way to success. When the meeting was positive for both parties, it could be the start of your career!


Company Dinner

As of this year the TCD also offers company dinner. During dinner students have the opportunity to get to know associates of a company in a different setting. This informal event is a great way to get more information about the company and to ask all sorts of questions to the company's associates.


Company Lunch

This year, the TCD also offers a company lunch. The company lunch is the ideal activity where students and recruiters can get in touch in an informal way. 

Tilburg Career Days

The Tilburg Career Days is an annual campus recruitment event at Tilburg University which offers students and companies the possibility to get to know one another. The 31st edition of the Tilburg Career Days will take place on November 6th, 7th and 8th.