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At Aegon we feel responsible for creating financial awareness and growth among people. We are open and honest with our clients, offering them solutions that are easy to understand, so that they can make conscious decisions for their future. We help clients maintain financial health as they age.


As an Aegon employee, you will see our vision in your daily work. Our clients do not know everything there is to know about financial products. With your knowledge and experience you can help clients make the right decisions that will protect them against loss of income or that will enable them to save money for later. You do not have to be an insurance advisor to qualify. You also have an important role if you are a marketing professional, an ICT specialist or and administrative assistant. No matter what your role is at Aegon, you are always working for your client.


Why Aegon?

We want our clients to consciously choose Aegon products, we also want you to consciously choose us as your employer. Why? Because you are good at what you do and are always seeking ways to improve yourself, because you have innovative ideas and you know how to turn them into concrete initiatives, and because you know how to work with your colleagues to make difficult things easy. Do you recognize yourself in this description? If so, see if we have a job opening for you.


Are you ready to take the challenge?

Are you looking for an exciting starting position in Finance, Risk or Marketing Intelligence? Do you enjoy participating in different processes within a professional area? Discover what Aegon has to offer! We encourage your personal development by offering diverse training courses and workshops. Professional development takes place during assignments under the guidance of your coach on the floor.


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