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Looking for a kickstart of your IT career?

Are you ambitious, eager to learn and looking for a kickstart of your IT career? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to these questions, the Calco MasterClass®, our unique IT traineeship, is perfect for you! Each year we provide 400 trainees with the opportunity to start their career in IT. No background in IT? No problem! Over 95% of our trainees were originally trained in another field or profession. What matters most to us is that you are interested in IT and that you are eager to learn.

Calco MasterClass®

The beginning of the traineeship is a two month training period in Amsterdam. The first phase of the educational program is called the IT crash course. You will delve into subjects like project management, functional and technical design, programming and testing. Aside from this, you will receive extensive soft skill training relating to public speaking, effective communication and group dynamics. The second phase of the educational program is all about deep dives. Based on your qualities, skills, and wishes, a specialisation course will be assigned to you related to subjects you have experienced during the crash course.

After two months, you have filled your backpack with all the relevant IT-skills and tools necessary. You are ready for your assignment! You will be placed at one of our clients, which are all leading companies. These clients are active in sectors such as banking, insurance, health care, industry, logistics and government. During this time you will be able to further develop yourself on-the-job.

During your assignment, Calco will team you up with a field manager who will coach you and offer help whenever necessary. Additionally, Calco will also provide unlimited courses so you can keep on filling your backpack with even more IT-skills and tools.

About Calco

Calco is a young, innovative and ambitious organisation. We specialise in educating and coaching both starters and experienced IT-professionals. Ever since our foundation in 2004 we have helped over a 1600 professionals kickstart a successful career. Want to know more about the traineeship and Calco as an employee? Visit our website at www.werkenbijcalco.nl


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