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DAF Trucks N.V.

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It is all about technology in transportation at DAF. Some real challenges lie ahead. We are up for it. Are you?

Our core activities are focused on the development, production, marketing and (after)sales of commercial vehicles. Our roots may be in the Netherlands, but as a part of the PACCAR group we have a worldwide presence.

All our vehicles are built to meet the individual specifications and requirements of our clients. We develop state of the art technologies, implement them in all of our trucks and offer a wide range of services. Further, we also produce components for third parties, ranging from axle assemblies to complete engines for buses and coaches.

Discover your possibilities
If you have finished your studies, you are probably looking for a job to learn and develop yourself. At DAF you will start in a dynamic work environment, where you receive a lot of responsibilities right from the start. We expect you to share your knowledge, ideas and initiatives. In return, we will guide you and stimulate your growth, so that you can develop yourself to your full potential. Because at DAF you do not choose a job, but you choose a career.

Internships & Graduate Projects
Our internships offer you the opportunity to develop yourself as a professional. Every year more than 150 (international) students start their internship at DAF. You can play an active role in one of our projects or participate in the field.

Let’s meet!
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