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  • Freddy van Riemsdijkweg 20 | 5657EE Eindhoven

We are Fagro! A temporarily employment agency with a focus on Finance and Control. Fagro is setting the standard and is known for its promise ‘’Improving your performance”. This promise is the root for all the services to our clients and for the development of our professionals. The Fagro values Ahead of the game, Courage and Sympathetic give us guidance in this. This way Fagro is adding value year after year, since 1994. Currently we employ over 240 professionals with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Our employees operate throughout our sites in Arnhem, Eindhoven, Maastricht-Airport and Zwolle for clients in various industries, both profit and non-profit.

Since 1994 we have been working hard to live up to our promise of ‘’Improving your performance’’. Our main goal in achieving this is a maximum client satisfaction. We act on this through the believe that the work happiness of our people is the key success factor. They are the people who wake up every day to get the best out of themselves for our clients. To do this, we offer them the framework, the flexibility and the tools to continuously develop in a changing world. Hence our people are capable of releasing the burden of workload of our clients and help them achieve their ambitions. By this means we listen to needs, guide our clients in the newest developments and methods and open up our network for them.


Our values

We are ahead of the game

We are on top of the latest developments and continue to improve ourselves every day. We aim for effect.

We have courage

We make clear decisions and push boundaries. We break the glass ceiling for discussions.

We are sympathetic

We are the listening ear and support each other. Always without prejudice.


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