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Henkl Nederland B.V. With over 53.000 employees, in 125 countries, Henkel operates more than 10.000 products worldwide in leading brands and technologies within three business units: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive technologies. Our Dutch brand focused on translating the global strategies to our local market, which means that we are always looking for marketing, sales, and supply chain talents to help us with this task.

Take a dive with us! Equality is valued at Henkel, with that comes along a great amount of responsibility and autonomy. You oversee your own professional development, and we are there to guide you! That is the Henkel Spirit; hard workers, talents within their domain and the mentality and personality of entrepreneur’s. Knowing your strengths is of importance, only then can we develop and succeed as a company together. We succeed when you do!

Keep your head up! We do not offer our employees a well-defined career path, we encourage them to view their career paths as a journey which they themselves direct. Our Triple-Two job rotation  provides the unique opportunity to boost your international experience, expand your skillset, and develop your expert network.

Jump in! Interested in working at a company with a globally leading market position both in the consumer and industrial businesses? Check our career page and get in touch with us at the Tilburg Career Days!


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