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We’re hunkemöller and our journey continues

Hunkemöller growth strategy continues with its key focus on providing its Shero with inspiring environments, exceptional World Class Service, and all of this driven by design-led product strategy.

We now have over 800 stores in 24 countries, we opened 104 stores in 2016 and we will open 140 stores in 2017. Our strategic vision is to have in the next five years 1.600 stores, spread across the globe.

This year we became market leader in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and France, we are getting bigger and bigger. The Hunkemöller success story continues with sales this year in excess of € 500 million ($ 550 million), delivering best in class profit to sales ratio with profits growing 13% year on year.

Hunkemöller is a much loved global and social brand and this has been rewarded by being voted by our Shero’s as No 1 lingerie brand in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. In addition, we also won Europe’s Best Omni-Channel retailer and Multi-Channel retailer. Our management team won best Retail Management team of the Netherlands and two of our Directors have won Best in Class awards.

Our vision is to make Hunkemöller the first choice for women in Europe with our whole focus being on designing our vision and strategy around our Shero. This strategy is focused on providing product that inspires her and fulfills all of her lingerie needs and desires.

Technology is now a key driver to delivering our vision, not only in terms of creating the best omnichannel customer journey, but also integrating our customer app, and member card into all of our transactions. This data will allow us to build a stronger relationship with our Shero’s and stimulate them in a way that is relevant to their needs and desires.

Building a brand that is truly social is a key part of our current and future strategy. We fully embrace social media when engaging with our Shero and have created an internal culture that encourages all of our employees to become really active across the digital landscape .

In order for all of this to happen we need to continue our strategy of hiring for attitude and training for skill in order for us to deliver exceptional product, services and environment. In terms of developing our teams we are also best in class with training, development, succession planning and new technology, which is at the forefront of recruitment and retention strategy.

Great people power great brands.


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