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IG&H is a leading consulting technology firm specialised in the retail, finance, and health sectors. Driving business transformations by aligning people, business, and technology, we are committed to making a sustainable impact on society. We believe that a strong culture drives positive organisational outcomes.Working with over 300 professionals in Europe, IG&H is certified as a Great Place to Work and has won the OutSystems EMEA partner of the year 2020 award. We aim to deliver and commit to bringing continuous innovation.

Our four core values

People first
Everyone matters. We value authenticity, camaraderie and fun. Happy employees make happy customers.
Caring & daring
We provide a safe haven for personal connections and trust, while inspiring employees to explore new challenges.
Diverse teams with the best specialists work together to solve complex challenges and deliver value.
We achieve breakthroughs because we are passionate about being the best, while maintaining a pragmatic, no-nonsense mindset.


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