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Specialists, technicians, strategists and innovators work at MN with one thing in common ‘Heart for hard workers’. The people at MN are working on a stable pension for two million people in the Metal & Technology, Metal & Electrical and Maritime sectors. MN offers them value for their money, now and later. We manage more than € 130 billion in pension assets. As a responsible investor, we make the difference for people, the environment and society. With 990 employees, we provide the pension for two million participants. We provide this with the help of our four business units; Asset Management, Corporate Staffing, IT and Pensions and Insurances.

We are the third biggest pension administration organization in the Netherlands and the largest in the our sector. MN is large enough to influential key player, but small enough to keep their human dimension. As a influential key player, we value our social profile; ‘Sustainablity is our way of thinking and working!’.


The success of MN is nowhere withour her employees. That’s why MN provides you an organization where you can develop yourself the way you want. We motivate employees to work on their personal- and professional development. For more information about our organization, we’d like to invite you to visit our website; https://www.werkenbijmn.nl/.


Beside a starting career at MN, it is also possible to follow our traineeship. We provide traineeships for two of our units, Asset Management and IT. During your traineeship, you’ll execute two assignments on two different teams within your unit. Besides the assignment, you’ll get personal coaching from your mentor and the Talent Manager, and we provide all kinds of courses for you personal- and professional development.

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