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Give your personal development, professional development and network a maximum boost!

Do you know what the world of work will look like in five years? In ten years? Or in twenty years? Other than now, that is one thing that is certain. With the Yacht traineeship you develop yourself into a futureproof young professional. A professional who not only turns with a super fast changing world, but who also has an impact on groundbreaking developments.

Are you a highly skilled (hbo or wo) talent in Engineering, IT, Finance, HRM, Legal or Supply Chain Management & Procurement? And do you
have a maximum of two years of work experience? Then you are eligible for the traineeship.

In three years you will work on average in three different environments, which match your learning needs and development track. You specialize in your field and become acquainted with various clients in no time. In this way you learn to switch quickly and to adapt easily to a new working environment. A skill that is indispensable in the future.

  • The traineeship in a nutshell:
  • Start your career with progressive players
  • Your development is central
  • Security of income, contract and development
  • Performance coaching, personal coaching and coaching of senior professionals
  • In the lead of your career: learn to think as an entrepreneur
  • Training offer aimed at your field
  • A committed and ever-growing network of 3,500 professionals, including more than 300 fellow trainees

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