De Carrièrebus

De Carrièrebus (onderdeel van Your Talent Group) helpt studenten in hun arbeidsmarkt oriëntatiefase. Zo biedt De Carrièrebus o.a. advies over masteropleidingen en begeleidt zij studenten bij de eerste stap naar de arbeidsmarkt. Ervaren coaches bieden gericht advies over zaken als personal branding, solliciteren, geschikte werkgevers, bijbanen, stages, startersfuncties én traineeships.

Career Services

Career Services for Tilburg University students. Discover your future. Your career starts now. Do you already have a clear picture of your ideal career? Or do you still need to find the right path? Wherever you stand, Student Career Services is happy to help you along the way. We are there for you from the […]

De Kleine Consultant

De Kleine Consultant is the first student-run non-profit strategy consultant in the Netherlands. With the higher goal: we empower Kleine Consultants and our customers! We offer strategic advice where it adds the most value. This is mainly for start-ups, non-profit organizations and social SMEs. In the past ten years we have already carried out more […]


Undutchables Recruitment Agency is the pioneer in recruitment of international business sector personnel in the Netherlands. Our strength lies in matching multilingual candidates with jobs in the Netherlands. As the pioneers in international recruitment in the Netherlands, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience and our ability of working closely with both candidates […]


Hoitalent is the largest career coaching service provider for international talents in the Netherlands. Our platform integrates multiple online and offline tools to provide international talents with career coaching service tailored to their needs. We offer various one-to-one coaching, diverse online and offline courses, abundant lectures and workshops etc., all of them supported by our […]


TALENT INTELLIGENCE GITP biedt organisaties inzicht in het talent, de inzetbaarheid en het ontwikkelpotentieel van medewerkers. Samen met PiCompany brengen we mensen en data bij elkaar. Talent Intelligence noemen wij dat. Zo stellen we organisaties in staat om succesvol te zijn, de juiste mensen te selecteren en medewerkers te helpen met hun ontwikkeling.   “Gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke inzichten en ondersteund […]

Frisse Blikken

We have fresh views. Actually, it is more than that. We look at the world around us with wonder and curiosity. At a world where large organisations and institutions are facing new challenges and social transitions. A world that demands innovation. We work for organisations that are eager for the fresh view of entrepreneurial talent. […]