Talent Check

Workshop Talent Check

When looking for a job or internship, you can distinguish 4 steps: self-reflection, orientation, preparation & application. Self-reflection is about:

  • who am I?
  • what am I good at?
  • what do I want in the future?
  • what do I find important?
  • how do I find out about my interests?

In this 1,5 hour interactive workshop, we will focus on the first two of these questions: who are and what are you good at?  Why is it important to have an answer to these questions? If you do what you like and what you’re good at, you’re most likely to be successful in it. In this workshop you will identify your qualities and strengths and learn how to discuss them. This for example you can use in a job interview. In this workshop you will also learn how your qualities relate to others.