Graduation Project: Promotion Effectiveness in Online Retail

Job location:
Amsterdam; Zoetermeer

Job description:
As a Graduate Intern at ORTEC you will be part of a unique organization and team!

In a collaboration between ORTEC and an online retail platform you will investigate how to set up a good promotion. In the world of online retail there are regularly promotions. They can consist of high discounts and go with substantial marketing. The success of a promotion depends on many factors, like the type of product, type of promotion, the absolute and relative price decrease, product ranking, timing, competitor prices, etc.

You will investigate different promotions for a group of products, using data containing prices over time of both competitors and of own offers and data about timing of promotions and the corresponding sales. You will talk to business experts and data experts to focus on the most interesting finds of your analyses.

You will closely cooperate with both your supervisor from ORTEC and an online retailer, where you will also have a supervisor and work on location.

The objective of this research is to investigate the impact and effectiveness of promotions and to study factors that make a promotion a success and possibly also predict how a future promotion is expected to perform.

1. You will preprocess data for analysis (you can count on actual, good quality data).
2. You will have interviews and brainstorming sessions to get to know the business and most interesting subjects and questions to zoom in on.
3. You will analyze and/or model the data to translate it into meaningful insights for all your stakeholders.
4. You will document your results and present them with actionable conclusions.

Who you are:

  • You are a master’s student with both business affinity and quantitative skills required to do advanced analytics. Your graduation requirements must match this study and you possess hard (data science) and soft (business) skills.
  • You can handle a high degree of complexity and work in a team
  • You’re conscientious about staying abreast of new developments
  • You are passionate about Data Science
  • You are interested in getting to know the specific business questions
  • You possess skills in coding algorithms, including for advanced analytics
  • Able to fluently communicate in English and Dutch (verbally and in writing)

What we offer:

  • Entrance to the most passionate powerhouse in applied mathematics
  • You will be able to work on-site at this customer
  • Join our movement and improve the world
  • Enjoy an open, kind and fun culture
  • Active employee association for fun activities with colleagues and content driven Young ORTEC for you to join
  • Football table, our own bar the “ORtap”, Christmas party, annual barbecue at one of our founders’ home, and much more
  • Excellent supervision during your graduation project
  • Good internship allowance and a laptop
  • Activities with all graduate students at ORTEC, like Friday afternoon drinks

What to expect:

We will help you to thrive in your field of expertise. We offer development programs, tailored to your individual needs and function requirements, including opportunities to attend courses and seminars. We offer challenging, practical hands-on experience with opportunities to work abroad. We operate in a flat organizational structure that keeps communication lines short. The atmosphere is open, informal, cooperative and positive. We employ over 800 people in the Netherlands (HQ), Belgium, Germany, France, the U.K., Romania, Italy, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark and Singapore.

Visit our website www.ortec.com to learn more about our solutions and clients’ experiences.

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