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CBS: “Facts that matter”  

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

In a society where the amount of information is growing explosively, free access to reliable and integral data is crucial. As the national statistical office, CBS produces reliable statistical information and data that provide insight into social issues, thus supporting the public debate, policy development and decision-making while contributing to prosperity, well-being and democracy.

CBS was established in 1899 in response to the need for independent and reliable information that advances the understanding of social issues. This is still the main role of CBS. Over time, CBS has grown into an innovative knowledge institution, with continuous adoption of new technologies and developments in order to safeguard the quality of its data and its independent position.

Making an impact
At CBS, we conduct research on just about everything that is relevant to Dutch society, whether it is economic growth and consumer prices or crime and leisure. Based on our independent and reliable information, key policy decisions are taken in The Hague and Brussels. Provinces, municipalities and businesses as well as individual citizens benefit from our research results.

Working at CBS
The office environment at CBS – with offices located in The Hague, Heerlen and on Bonaire – is a pleasant mix of government and business. You will find a very diverse group of employees who range widely in age, nationality, discipline and career. One thing all our employees have in common is their focus on the quality of our research results. Would you like to learn more and/or apply? Check out our current internships and vacancies (in Dutch) on www.werkenbijhetcbs.nl


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